Go vote! .. on some fabric!

You guys, I don't even know what I've been up to lately, but my time sure hasn't been spent on this little blog.  I'm sorry bloggy, I still love you, I really do.

Anyway, I haven't crafted in a really long time and I have a few free weekends ahead that I'd really like to whip something up -- such as a new yoga bag because I'm now going to class every week!  I love it!  And what's also very cool about this class is that it's biking distance from my house.

So instead of stuffing my yoga mat in a too-small backpack and riding down the street wondering if it's going to fall out, I'm going to whip up a little bag for it.  Now where you guys come in, I truly can't decide on a fabric!  Not even kidding at all.

Here are your choices:

Raindrops & Poppies
Mind's Eye

Help!  Which fabric do you like best for a new yoga mat bag?

Oh, and Happy Friday :)


  1. man..that is a tough decision! All great fabrics....but I think I would go with #2, but for some reason #3 seems more like you (from what I pick up on your little bliggity blog, ya know).

  2. My favorite is the sundials, but on the other hand, the mind's eye seems the most yoga-y to me...so I'm voting #3!

  3. Fabric purchased! Hope I can show you all soon which fabric won the opportunity to make a new yoga bag :) Thanks for all your help!