Blogger, turned real-life, friends

The blogging world is quite interesting, don't you think?  We document our lives, put it all out there for anyone to read, we relish in the highs with each other, and ache over the lows. We know so much about each others lives and most of the time, we've never really met.

So when Lauren of Pack n' Play said she would be in Denver on business and asked to get a drink, I immediately said YES YES YES.  

I had such a great night chatting.  Anyone who loves floral scarves as much as I, is an immediate friend of mine.  So good to meet you in "real life", Lauren! 


  1. It was sooo good to actually meet you finally! I can't wait to go back to Denver for more of a play trip than a work trip!

  2. So fun! I want to meet Lauren too!

  3. I love when I meet bloggers in real life!! Best people ever!! :D

  4. So cool!! Wish we all could have been there!