Doing It Right

For almost 5 years I have longed for two things like a baby wants milk. The first was my beautiful wife and that dream came true this year. I still can't believe that the girl of my dreams became my wife just 6 months ago. The second is my Jeep. It is big and mean and almost as beautiful as my gorgeous wife. There are times when I daydream about it and usually one night a week I am thinking about it when I fall asleep.

Side Note: Is it sad that a material item occupies this much of my mind sometimes? I find myself feeling guilty for wanting an object so much.

I recently envisioned the events surrounding my acquisition of a Rubi. After the usual 5 minutes of giddiness that even surrounds this thought, I started planning. Planning what is now known as "The Trip". This event includes the logistics of flying-to, purchasing, and driving it home. For example:

There is a perfect Rubi for sale in the Seattle area at the moment. So, I see Kendra and I flying into Seattle with loaded packs and buying it then taking the next week to drive home...to Denver of course(see picture of route)... Zia would have to stay behind because I don't think I could make her fly cargo on a plane. We would hang out around Seattle for a bit then hit the road, skipping the hotels and camping each night because we are in a freaking Jeep that can go anywhere so why would we park it in a parking lot when we can park it on a mountain!? Along the way we would see lots of friends in Cali, Utah, and Northern Colorado...maybe make an exception on the camping rule to stay at their house for the night. There will be sights to see, pictures to take, and 4x4 roads to be owned. In short, a good time would be had by all...someday.

By the way...Kendra wanted me to remind all of you shutterflys out there that you pictures for the photo project are due by Sunday night, if you want to participate next week.


  1. i basically (really) like (in a big way) everything in this post except for that it involves a west coast road trip rather than an east coast one, and therefore, the bryants don't get to be a stop.

  2. Glad you liked it. The West coast route was only an example...of course there is the possibility of an East coast version which we would be more than thrilled to stop by and see our East coast peeps.