Hostess Apron (part deux)

Remember the fun aprons Val and I made?

Well, I decided to make another, but this time..  BY MYSELF!  I was really happy with my accomplishment, however I missed my sewing friend greatly with her stories and amazing direction reading skills (I sew what to what?).

Cute and kitchen-y, right?  I especially like the pockets.

I took everyone's advice to gift a few of these guys for Christmas - this one is going to Ryan's Grandma (she doesn't read the blog).  Her favorite color is blue, she loves to bake, and is frequently spotted sporting an apron around the house.  Perfect!  I hope :)


  1. it's so cute!! I want to learn how to make these!

  2. this looks fantastic...and what a great gift idea :) i really need to get myself sewing again!!

  3. I'm amazed! I bought a pattern to sew an apron, and I am sooo confused. I was going to make one as a Christmas present, but I don't think mine's going to come out as nice as yours. ;)

  4. Here is the pattern we used (and it's free!):


    We only made 2 alterations
    1. added a pocket and
    2. used 3 fabrics instead of 2.

  5. It's true, grandma does not do much internet surfing.

  6. Oh my god. you're so crafty. I need to learn how to do crafts... This is so cute and a great gift idea!!