Let me go ahead and get this out of the way...this post has nothing to do with the Twilight series. My apologies to anyone who was mislead.

Last night around 2:15CST there was a full lunar eclipse that was visible to anyone in North America...who didn't have any cloud cover. If you were brave enough to join the rest of us who didn't care about showing up late to work today, you were able to catch a sight (such as the one on the left) that doesn't happen very often. In fact, a lunar eclipse occurring on the winter solstice only happens every 350 years on average. So...likely the only chance we will have in our lifetime. Also, for anyone with little light pollution, there was a small meteor shower.

Zia and I had a blast! We both put on some warm clothes and went out to lay in the grass. I tried to take a few pictures but due to my inability to operate the new DSLR in low light, none turned out.

If you are curious like me and want to look up as to why the moon turns red during an eclipse then go here to learn why this happens. I also learned how to convert universal time.


  1. :) sounds like we were both watching at the same time ♥ matthew and i set our alarm so we woke up in time to see it.

    so beautiful...amazing how infrequent it is!


  2. i was REALLY hoping to see something Taylor Lautner on here Ry Guy....

    I guess this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the LUNAR eclipse, will have to do....

    ps... Carrigan wouldn't take any pics either, silly girl. Just not the right lighting I suppose. And I also kinda like it too I guess... Makes the whole "once in a lifetime" thing even more special knowing that only with my own two eyes can I TRULY capture it all.