The Photo Swap

A Saturday photo adventure from California to Oklahoma and a few wonderful places in between... the photo swap!
Fayetteville, AR

Dog park (Ryan)
Oklahoma City, OK

Lake Michigan, Lincoln Park
Chicago, IL

Lincoln, NE

 Santa Monica, California (Adam)

Click on the photos for more info about our photographers.

Note: I absolutely love the difference between California & Illinois.  Holy storm, Chicago!

And anyone is welcome to join us, e-mail me your photo Sunday night and I'll post everything on Monday.  I'm already excited to see next what next week brings!


  1. Those are some pretty sweet pics you might say. Just one suggestion for next week though. Maybe we could be able to have a link for the full size picture to see it in detail when you click the picture, and our blog link can be the title of the picture. Just FFT.

    Good job guys and gals.

  2. How cool!!
    I love this idea, I really do.

    These are great photos. I feel like I have a close tie with all these people now, ha. I hope others join in the fun as well :)

    Great job everyone! And thanks Kendra for posting them.

  3. Also, I like Adam's idea! That way I can see little Zia up close and personal. I love her little sweater btw.

  4. i love all of these pictures...they are fantastic! it is so neat to see the diffences haha especially in weather!! oh my.

    i agree with adams idea as well! i like being able to check out the details :)


  5. Just so everone knows, Zia does not have a broken leg. That is her in mid prance.

  6. i dont see anything from Tulsa. looks like ill make it my job!

  7. Im joining in! This seems like fun. :)