Handwriting Game

Yesterday I was tagged by my new friend and fellow photo swapper - Kristin of Rosy Personics to play along in the Handwriting Game. 

Here goes...

1) Your Name - Blog Name  2) Your blog URL  3) Write: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog. 4) Favorite Quote  5) Favorite Song  6) Favorite Musicians/Bands  7) Something you say...  8) Tag people for the game.

Fun facts:
  • I print REALLY small (as you can see). 
  • In college, I would only use college ruled paper.  Ironic?
  • Before sending a letter or card, I type what I want to say first before writing it down.
  • I've always wanted loopy-girlie handwriting.  I felt so left out in middle school! 


  1. People with small handwriting are the best (I also write pretty small ;)

    That number 7 - too funny!


  2. love your LIST of music by the way...

  3. I'm loving your music list too! I've seen this little post around the Internet too & have thought about participating too.

  4. Wow... I'm not sure why I overused the word "too" Note to self: proofreading is my friend.

  5. you girls should all do it too!