Happy Earth Day

As a kid, I remember playing in the dirt, picking blades of grass,  making bracelets out of wildflowers, chasing grasshoppers around the yard.  I feel, deep down inside of all of us, is a great love for the earth and all it has to offer.   And I think today, on "Earth Day", we can all do a little something to make our home a better place - recycle the can of soda you drink, pick up trash on the way to your car from your workplace/school/home, drink water from a reusable container instead of bottles, plant some flowers or trees.  Mother Earth deserves it, don't you think?

**The Photo Swap theme this week is time of day - sunrise.  Be sure to send your photos to me at  kendra.e.grimm(at)gmail(dot)com

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.  It's Easter!  Something very special to celebrate.


  1. That's an amazing picture!

    And your list of recycle/pick up trash/reusable container - I totally agree, and these should be done EVERYDAY, we have to stop being lazy and complacent.

    Happy Earth Day :)


  2. what an amazing photo! happy Earth Day! :)

  3. That image is amazing. I love you reminded me of how I loved the outdoors when I was younger. I definitely love the beauty of this Earth and we should do all we can to keep it looking pretty!

    I'm new to your blog! I found you through FTLOB and can't wait to read more! Feel free to check out my blog as well. :)

    Simply Kate