Thank you, Maxi

 You turned my not-so-good day all around.  
                                                               - Kendra

Wednesday was crazy-town. 

To keep the story short, let's just say it's more difficult to become a Colorado resident than we realized.  Or perhaps I'm bad at my research.  Either way, I missed a few steps in the process, which made for a pretty stressful day.

After the tag agency, emissions testing, and licensing departments we were on our way home when I spotted an Old Navy.  We stopped and I found this maxi skirt.  Ah, pleated, comfy love. 

I put it on the moment we got home, met up with some new friends, and had a really fun evening.  The power of a piece of clothing!

Anyone else wearing maxi skirts?  Are they not the most comfortable clothing item ever??


  1. so cute! I love maxi skirts because they feel like pajamas, but they look a lot nicer than sweats :).

  2. I don't have one but I can change that! Maxi skirts won't betray you on a windy day.

  3. let's rewind our lives 5 years and go to the greatest old navy of all time in stillwater, oklahoma.

  4. To be honest I've never tried one.. I'm not a huge skirt wearer.. but you look so darn cute in it I miiight havta change my mind... :)