Twenty six has been quite the year of big events and wonderful surprises!
We quit our jobs, packed up our belongings, and moved to a brand new state -- the location of our dreams really.  I was baptized in a church that will forever hold a place in my heart, received a camera in which I found even more passion for photography, met new friends, celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, traveled the states, and experienced so. very. much.
This year required me to have great faith; it was a year that really pushed me to let go.  Ultimately to find that I will always have an amazing family by my side, friends who support and love me unconditionally, and a generous husband who never stops believing in me.  It was a challenging year, but also one of the most rewarding.   I'm so blessed.  
27, my new friend, let's see what you got...


  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like this past year was a learning & growing year in all the best ways. You have so much courage packing up and moving, I don't know if I could do it! Enjoy 27 just as much as 26!

  2. Happy Birthday Kendra!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic year...hoping this next year exceeds your expectations.

  3. Happy Birthday, Kendra! Thanks for sharing your adventures with the blog-world :)

  4. Happy Birthday!
    We're almost birthday twins!
    Mine was on Friday!

  5. Happy Birthday (again) Kendra! What a great year, so glad to have been apart of it. Here's to 27 and so much more!