The Head and the Heart

Listen to a few more here:

A note about the song, Sounds Like Hallelujah --  I was sitting in traffic on my way to work this week, listening to a mix my friend gave me, trying not to scream at all the rude people around me.  I missed the entire first part of this song, but the happy beats at the end caught my attention.  I listened to the song 28 times?  And was a clapping fool in my car, ready to start the day.  The bridge is weird, but the end, ah the end is glorious.

Have a great weekend, friends.


  1. SO LOVELY! I totally just found the album on the library website too, so I ordered it. :) YEAH! Thanks for sharin', lady!

  2. yay! new music is always welcome around here.

  3. The Head and the Heart is awesome! I'm so lucky to live in Seattle and been able to watch them explode first hand!!

    My favorite Seattle band right now is Pickwick. You have to check them out... I saw them for my second time last week! Here's an entry where I mentioned it and with videos! Enjoy!!!