Weekend Skiing

It's finally ski season!  Since I'm more of a beginner, I had to wait for the lower areas of the mountain to open.  So, it's sort of been ski season for awhile, but for me, it's now!

Before Thanksgiving, a small group of us set out toward the slopes.  Though it was a very cold (20 degrees or so), snowy day, it didn't stop the excitement from bubbling over for my friend Rachel and her first ever attempt at skiing.  We took beginner lessons together - I've only skied a handful of times, so I thought they would be helpful for both of us - and she really picked up the skill.  After her first, and very much successful, run down the mountain, our instructor moved us both over to an intermediate class for the afternoon session.  And it turned out being a private instructor just for the two of us! Score.
Hope I can go back out this weekend... I've got the itch.  You know, the skiing itch.  That's a thing, right?


  1. You two little ski bunnies look so cute. Glad to see the helmets. Have a wonderful Skiing Birthday Weekend! Love Mom

  2. Your Mom's right, too cute! I wish I was closer to some snow & skiing right now, I'm a little envious. Have fun!

  3. Oh man! So fun. Okies are jealoussss!

  4. i'm so jealous... i always want to try skiing... look so much fun!

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