Snow Day

Denver got quite a bit of snow last night, so much that I didn't want to risk the drive to work (boss completely understood).  So, Zia and I are having a snow day together.

We got up early, made coffee and breakfast and set out for a big walk.  
She's a little one, but sure loves plowing through the snow!


I Went To a Concert Tonight

...and I left with zero worthy photos!

Check this out:

Hahahaha!  Is that not funny?  Low lighting + amateur photographer (me) + incredibly happy, dancing people surrounding = unlucky break.  I had to share.  After 2 songs I just put down the camera and rocked out with the crowd. 




The Head and the Heart

Listen to a few more here:

A note about the song, Sounds Like Hallelujah --  I was sitting in traffic on my way to work this week, listening to a mix my friend gave me, trying not to scream at all the rude people around me.  I missed the entire first part of this song, but the happy beats at the end caught my attention.  I listened to the song 28 times?  And was a clapping fool in my car, ready to start the day.  The bridge is weird, but the end, ah the end is glorious.

Have a great weekend, friends.


Kindle Cozy

I got a Kindle!

I used it in the car on the way home from Oklahoma 2 weekends ago and was extra careful to not scratch the outside.  A cover was needed, and fast.  I'm pretty tough on my electronics, especially since I think everything needs to be smashed in my purse at all times: camera, iPhone, (used to be) iPod, etc.  I can add a Kindle to the mix, but it's going to need a little cover first.

It's been forever since I last sewed up something special.  Four months to be exact, which is too long my friends, too long.

So I got to work, and over a span of a few nights, I completed a little Patchwork Kindle Cozy.


Minus a few uneven lines (that you can see with the super white thread I used), I'm really pleased with the way it turned out!

Fabric:  Leftovers from all these projects.  
I also used this perfect points tutorial, and low and behold, it worked!  Perfectly!


Birthday Weekend

Around our house, we have birthday weekends.  And I have to say, my first birthday celebrated in Colorado was pretty grand.  Friday night Ryan and I went to a fancy-schmancy work party (free food? okay!).  Saturday morning I had an early birthday brunch with some friends, a bit of relaxin' at home, then off to the alumni bar to watch our alma mater kick some bedlam booty!  It.  was.  awesome.  Sunday, we tried out a new church (thanks to the neat blogging world - Hi Hannah!), I grabbed coffee with a friend, and that night we made cookies and listened to Christmas music; all during a mini blizzard!

I'm very grateful for the friends we've made here in Denver.

And my far-away friends and family whom I miss dearly made me feel so loved.  It was a great day, indeed.



Twenty six has been quite the year of big events and wonderful surprises!
We quit our jobs, packed up our belongings, and moved to a brand new state -- the location of our dreams really.  I was baptized in a church that will forever hold a place in my heart, received a camera in which I found even more passion for photography, met new friends, celebrated our one year wedding anniversary, traveled the states, and experienced so. very. much.
This year required me to have great faith; it was a year that really pushed me to let go.  Ultimately to find that I will always have an amazing family by my side, friends who support and love me unconditionally, and a generous husband who never stops believing in me.  It was a challenging year, but also one of the most rewarding.   I'm so blessed.  
27, my new friend, let's see what you got...


Weekend Skiing

It's finally ski season!  Since I'm more of a beginner, I had to wait for the lower areas of the mountain to open.  So, it's sort of been ski season for awhile, but for me, it's now!

Before Thanksgiving, a small group of us set out toward the slopes.  Though it was a very cold (20 degrees or so), snowy day, it didn't stop the excitement from bubbling over for my friend Rachel and her first ever attempt at skiing.  We took beginner lessons together - I've only skied a handful of times, so I thought they would be helpful for both of us - and she really picked up the skill.  After her first, and very much successful, run down the mountain, our instructor moved us both over to an intermediate class for the afternoon session.  And it turned out being a private instructor just for the two of us! Score.
Hope I can go back out this weekend... I've got the itch.  You know, the skiing itch.  That's a thing, right?