A family event.

I love a good bike ride...  especially with this amazing weather we've had lately.  It makes you antsy to get outside, especially after working in a windowless office all day (so grateful for that office job, thank you, thank you!).  So after work yesterday, Ryan and I decided to bike to a friend's house and then go to dinner together.  A pretty normal event, especially when we lived in Oklahoma City.

Yesterday there was a little exception.
Zia really wanted to join us. 

Biking with a dog has proven tricky for Ryan, especially when his childhood dog helped him flip over his handlebars and make friends with a mailbox.  To say he was "hesitant" to take Zia on this little trip, is an understatement.  But we were traveling less than a mile,  no heavy traffic, and she listens really well. 

We gave it a shot.

And with great success, WE MADE IT.
Two goofy people yelling, "this way", "wait", "come on, come on", "wait", "good", "GOOD!", all the way down the street. It was quite an entertaining Tuesday night, for everyone.

Oh, we ate pizza.  And stumbled upon a Lil' Rockers concert with 5-10 year old's playing guitars and tambourines and singing unrecognizable lyrics.  Pretty adorable.

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  1. Awww that's adorable!! :) Love this picture too - it makes me happy.