Picnic in the Park

The weather was insanely beautiful in Denver this weekend.
On Saturday morning, my friend and I went skiing clothed in gloves, jackets, and wool socks. 
And the afternoon was spent at the park in shorts and tanks, among happy pups, frisbees, and sun kissed shoulders.

It totally boggles my mind... in the very best way!

(I really missed hosting the Photo Swap this morning.  I'm thinking of a new project, hopefully to be developed very soon.)


  1. Best of both worlds! I can't wait to see what new project you come up with :)

  2. love those pictures!!! amazing weather is always the perfect way to have a weekend

  3. super beautiful! what clear skies!

  4. FANTASTIC!! :D I can't wait to start doing picnics again. My mom actually lent me her picnic basket and I'm SO EXCITED to start using it!

  5. Oh, man! Looks like fun. I got a new picnic basket and I'm dying to use it, but the weather here hasn't been as nice.

    Glad to see someone (or pretty much the entire country) is enjoying some nice weather!

  6. We had a picnic too not long ago, it's also very warm in London. Does feel like summer even though rationally I know it could be snow before the end of the month if the weather turns.