Sounds like hallelujah for the first time

Maybe it's pessimistic of us, but my friend Sam and I have a theory that Wednesday's are going to be difficult, maybe even down right awful, every week. Okay yes, it's definitely pessimistic, we're working on it!  But there seems to be something about the hump day that is always problematic. Though I do my very best to defeat this theory of ours. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I loose.

Today, it's about 2:30, and I've made it thus far with minimal bumps.  I consider that winning, don't you think?

There are a few things keeping me in good spirits; the two biggest would definitely be the tunes of a mix CD from one of my favorite Oklahoman's and these lovely images I've pinned recently:

Each inspires me in a different way;  all good, all encompassing, all very real. It makes me laugh a bit at how a few pretty images and a great song can really turn an okay day into a great day.

Perhaps the excitement of seeing Hunger Games tonight for the second time is helping a little too. 
You know, just maybe.

Here's to a great Wednesday, for everyone.  ::clink::


  1. what's on the mix?! I'm always searching for new music :)

    1. Kara - I'll send you a little set list! I'm still obsessing over The Head and The Heart (hence the blog title)

  2. Defs the Hunger Games keeping things legit.

    Mine was a total Wednesday, and until about 1:15pm today.. my Thursday is still classified as Wednesday too. Glad yours was better- And prettier I might add, nice pins!