Anniversary Celebrations

I went a little crazy with Instagram this weekend, so instead of camera shots of our wedding anniversary celebrations in Fort Collins, here is a tiny picture mash-up of all the things that we ate/drank/explored/enjoyed instead!

Left to right: Ryan and I grabbing a bite at Coopersmiths (a recommendations from the guys at New Belgium), a card break from eating at the Taste of Fort Collins, enjoying a drink at Beau Jo's, bloody mary at Snooze, the line for brunch which was totally worth the wait, samplers at Equinox brewing, morning sun from our lovely room at the Armstrong, lattes at Mugs, and an appropriate mug o' plants.  


  1. Is that the famed Monopoly Deal I have heard so much about?

    1. Absolutely! You're about to learn how to play this weekend, get ready.

  2. oh gosh, trust me, you can never go wrong with instagram. i go way to insta"happy". my poor camera is now collecting dust, ha.
    happy anniversary!!
    xo TJ