A Girls' Trip to Buena Vista, CO

We had such a great time exploring Colorado this past weekend for our 4th annual girls' trip. Valerie and Julie flew in on Thursday evening and easy enough, the rest of us already live here!  Each year we alternate between exploring a new city and going to "home towns", so this year we chose Colorful Colorado. 

Our first stop on Friday morning was the Colorado hot springs at Mount Princeton.  The resort had 2 large regulated pools, 1 a little warmer than the other that we enjoyed for a few hours.  And my favorite part, actually sitting in the Colorado River where the hot springs met the very cold water to create the perfect temperature.   The resort was beautiful, but soon after we had to hit the road and find our cabin near Buena Vista.  

... with this amazing view.  **jaws dropped**

Saturday was our "adventure day" with river rafting and zip lining.  Both of which I can't wait to do again!

We rafted the Arkansas River and even though it was low, the rapids were quite an exhilarating ride.  Our guide taught us the terms he would soon be yelling out as we go through the rapids and had enough confidence in our group to take different routes than the bigger group took. We made it through without flipping our raft, falling into the river, or loosing an ore, all of which we saw happen with the other groups.  Go team!

After lunch we hopped on a bus to arrive at our zip lining spot, over a canyon, very high in the air.  Whew.  After gearing up with harnesses and helmets, learning how to steer and stop with our hand, we set out for the first line to practice.  The first one I did with my eyes closed, because I was terrified, but the second - the seventh line was so much fun with a beautiful view of the canyon and river below that I soon wasn't scared at all.  Quite proud of all the girl's this day, it was a push out of our comfort zones and everyone had such a fun time.

Our last day we made a big breakfast and took a hike on the Colorado Trail around Twin Lakes.  Then, sadly, had to hit the road back to Denver to say our goodbyes. 

Already looking forward to the next trip!


  1. So gorgeous! These girls trips sound amazing. Glad to hear you all had a good time :)

  2. Looks like so much fun and I think it's so great that you have this annual trip planned with your best girlfriends.

  3. That zipline just made my heart race! It looks amazing!

  4. Your outdoor adventures always look like so much fun! Now I'm on a mission to find a zip line--must try!

  5. WOW - what a wonderful trip!! I'm so jealous! Buena Vista is so gorgeous - I've been really wanting to go back there to camp again. It looks like you guys had a fabulous time!! :)