Bon Iver + Feist at Red Rocks

We got to spend the entire weekend with our friends Joey and Stacy.  What started out as sort of joking/ sort of serious text from Joey to see Bon Iver at Red Rocks turned into a real life trip from Oklahoma to Colorado. 

Feist was the second opener and really blew us away -- she took her music to an entirely different level, almost rock-like.  I was dancing around, enjoying the show, then the chorus would come along and I would think "whoa, I know this song too".  She made everything sound unique and fresh and I really enjoy her performance.

Honestly, I can't find the words to describe Bon Iver's show.

I really wish I could share somehow how incredible it was, but I just can't...so here are some photos instead!  (And the advice to everyone to add this band to your bucket list of must-see-concerts.)


Ah, just amazing.

And that really goes for the rest of the weekend with our friends as well.  It was wonderful to spend so much time with them and show off our new city.


  1. So jealous, not only of the show but of your awesome outfit too. Red pants/scarf combo -- killer!

  2. Everyone looks so pretty and happy! Ken, still not over your hair. Love it so much-- you're rockin' it! So glad it was such a great time.