New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium beer is one of Ryan's favorites, which in turn has become one of my favorites.  The company is a small craft brewery,  powered 100% by solar and wind.  And they like to have fun! AND they reside only an hour or so from Denver.  Score.

Ryan toured their brewery as part of his bachelor weekend a few years ago (told you that boy loves New Belgium), but I had never made it past the tasting room, which was about 4 years ago, so I was pretty dang excited to hear we made the tour cut. 

The tour lasted about an hour and a half, there were plenty of samples and I heard the greatest news of all... they are making more sour beer!  Supposedly it's the "new thing" and there is quite the demand for it now, which is awesome for me because I sure enjoy it. 

We viewed each room of the brewery, played with all the bike gear, wrote postcards, slid down a slide (of course they have a slide inside the brewery), and had a really fun morning...

All before 12 o'clock. 


  1. FUN!!! We should *plan* a bloggers + hubs date to New Belgium! Seriously..:)!