Littlefoot Triathalon

Ryan has been training, and training, and training the past few months for this upcoming sprint triathlon.  He and Elsa have been inseparable (okay, I made up a name for his bike, humor me).

We got up at the crack of dawn to head toward Golden, CO.  Our friend hosted the race, so I decided to volunteer and help out however I could.  Ryan was participating, of course, so we arrived around 6am, just in time to see the most beautiful sunrise.

Soon, the participants started to get ready for the race to begin and Ryan darted off for a warm up run.

Thankfully I had a buddy to keep me entertained during the down-time before the race began.  We were in charge of marking numbers on participants.  

And dancing.  We were instructed to dance a lot.
That's a lie.
But we couldn't help ourselves, anything to stay warm.  It was quite chilly Saturday morning.

After everyone had their number Sharpeed on their arm, and their age on their leg, I then was graced with the job of keeping time at the transition area.  Holy pressure!  Everyone had a chip on their ankle, but just in case the chip malfunctioned, there was Yours Truly keeping time.  Sort of.

See that wetsuit?  It's impossible to see the number I just wrote on her arm.  She did not get her time out of the water tracked by me.  Sorry participant, I really hope your chip worked.  I really really do. 

I tried to not stress about it too much.

And before I knew it, Ryan was flying by!  (tiny photo stolen from Facebook) 

He rocked that race in 1:24.

I'll be back in 2 weeks with a recap of his 2nd triathlon, it's coming up so very soon.  And I'm not keeping track of time, hooray.  There will be lots more photos. 


  1. wow! what an accomplishment - way to go!

  2. go ryan! and you girls, too, for getting up that early in the freezing cold!

  3. Awesome job to Ryan!
    Love this post; I can totally hear you saying everything you wrote ;)