Some Things Never Change

...and I'm quite okay with that!

Like preference of hangouts while spending time in Tulsa.  We only had 1 night with friends before the race in OKC and the overall consensus was McNellies, a pub in downtown Tulsa that has been our place of choice for many years.  Maybe it's the familiarity, but we always end up here, and always have a great time.

Another thing I've found that hasn't changed much  is our gang of friends.  I've known most of these friends since middle school and feel blessed that we still make time to get together.  Another great night in good ol' Oklahoma.    


  1. Kendra - I simply adore that purple-blue colour on you! You are gorgeous :) Xo

    1. aww, why thank you! miss you lady!

  2. I was thinking the same thing about how good you all look and how gorgeous you where in that color. So glad you got to see that many of your friends. Oh wait I forgot many of then that were not there now live in Colorado! Mom