Redman Olympic Triathalon

After spending a lovely evening with our friends Joey and Stacy on Saturday night, it was soon early  morning, and race time for Ryan!

We made our way to Lake Hefner around 6am to warm up and find friends Carol (who was twinkies with Ryan) and Joe.

I particularly liked the sign on the dock that said "do not pee in the lake".  That's you, athletes!  Keep that water and red dirt clean. 

Ryan came out of the water strong and smiling.  Carol is right behind him, you can see her pink swim cap (and twinkie outfit) bobbing behind.  I snapped a photo right before they ran off into the transition area to grab their bikes and start the second portion of the race.

After lap 2 Ryan yells "Medic T-2" at me and keeps riding past.  So I jump up and tell the woman near that Sprint 2 Lap sign the message and she stares at me like a crazy person.  The other volunteers standing near get on their walkies to see if something happened on the route (which I assumed too) and then say, "that doesn't make sense, T-2 is the transition area and he hasn't been by there yet".  They couldn't figure out if Ryan needed a medic or if he saw someone else who needed a medic and was yelling the wrong code.  Heck if I know!  We were all stumped and ultimately did nothing.  When in doubt...

He flies by us 2 more times and then off to the transition area again to start running.


After the race, Ryan ran straight from the finish line to the medical tent.  He was the athlete who needed help, he sliced his thumb on the spokes of his tire on lap 2 but didn't want to stop competing.  Nothing a little gauze and tape couldn't take care of, but what a way to run a 10k, with a bleeding finger.  Poor guy.

These guys are rockstars.
They swam 1.5K, biked 25 miles, and ran a 10K, all before 12 o'clock.

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