Music at the Hi-Dive

Ryan heard Night Beds from a Daytrotter Session and knew I would love them.  So we bought tickets to the Hi-Dive earlier this week... and I prepared.

I was pumped up all day, listening to each band's album over and over again, reading all the articles I could find about the musicians.  It's what I do before every concert.. I'm that person blasting the music on my way to the concert of the band I'm about to see.  It's mostly embarrassing at Red Rocks where everyone has their windows down as we wait in line to park.  But who cares, right?  This is my MO.  Go to a concert with me, I'll tell you everything about the band, even if I just learned about them.

We were early birds to the venue, though isn't there something kind of magical about the quiet space?  I'm glad I had a chance to get these shots. 

The show was awesome, by the way. Wow, Wow, Wow.

I just found out Night Beds made their television debut days before this concert on Late Night With Jimmy Fallen. I hope they make it big, they were great.  And their opener, Glowing House, has a great folky sound that I just loved. I especially enjoy the song "All That Matters" from them, click on the link and you can stream the song.

Happy love day, everyone!

We'll probably make dinner at home, watch last night's episode of Top Chef, and have a glass a wine.  Yep, sounds like a normal Thursday night.