Tristan Prettyman is so over Jason Mraz

Tristan Prettyman has all the support she needs from our Denver community.  At her concert Friday night, the first stop of her tour, any time the word 'Jason' was mentioned, the entire crowd booed.  To catch anyone up, they were engaged in 2011 and shortly after he broke it off and left her devastated, poor thing.  So now, her new album Cedar + Gold is all about her next few years as a single person, trying to figure it all out.

I listened to her music in college, when she was a one woman show, so the addition of her band was really nice.  For the most part, all of her songs are upbeat and danceable.  The entire (female) crowd was singing along, she sure has a lot of followers! 

When the jacket came off and the band left, things got real.  She sang the song "I was going to marry you" which isn't a secret at all that it's about her and Mraz.  It's really beautiful and maybe my favorite from the album, but also incredibly sad of course. 

Tristan really interacted with the crowd.  And like I said before, everyone seemed to be pretty big Jason haters now, so she joked a lot about him.. nicely of course.. and everyone yelled that she was lovely and "doesn't need him".  It slightly felt like a group therapy session, which is sort of awesome, thinking if I had got dumped by a guy, I'd sure love to hear from hundreds of people how great I was.  Right?!  Drama aside, she really has an incredible live presence and sang amazingly. 

She said, just recently, that she was truly able to let everything go, and that it took too much energy to still be so angry and upset.  She feels free now.  **crowd roars** 

We were definitely there for the music, but thank goodness we knew a bit about Jason and Tristan's breakup or we sure would have been confused why the crowd was so intense about this subject!

Three more members of Team Tristan.  Had such a fun night with Hannah & Rachel.


  1. I'm a huge fan! I've seen her live & loved her show!

  2. I looooove her. Sounds like a great show!

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  4. How fun! I knew they'd gotten engaged but hadn't heard about their break up...

    Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  5. Looks and sounds like you had a good time!