Date Nights

He wanted to bike to dinner on Friday night.
I said yes, of course.

Really, I wanted to wear my cute boots, but that just wasn't going to work with the bike pedals.
So I put on some sneakers, bundled up real tight, and we made our way to Linger for a little date night.
The 30 degree ride was pretty exhilarating, and I felt like I earned my dinner with all the hills in our hood.
It makes me happy how he gets me out of my comfort zone.

We've been together for 7 years and I hold that one of the successes to a happy relationship is dating.
I don't know what it is, but dinner out is just... different than dinner in.
He picks up the tab, even though we share a bank account.
You get get fancied up (well, everything but footwear in my case) and there is this extra spark in the air.

The food was delicious (go to Linger, Coloradans!).
Conversation interesting.
And the people watching was stellar.

I love date nights.


  1. Aww you two are so cute! And I agree, dinner out every now and then is a must. Just thinking of the food at Linger is making me hungry. Thank you for introducing me to that place!

    1. i suppose you'll have to make another trip to denver to try it out with me (you should bring the boy too!).

  2. I love Linger and I love date nights! We should double date sometime!!!

  3. Gosh I wish we had our bikes here. Everyday I think "I want my bike" and you make me want my bike today!

    1. you bike along the beach! i wish you had your bikes too.

  4. So cute. I do love date nights too. Lately, Bob and I haven't been going out as much (I blame winter), but when we do it's extra special.