New digs: one month later

We've lived in our place now for one whole month.  I should have snapped a few photos the moment we walked in the door, to show a bit of a before and after (or before and now), but I did not.  We had a bit much going on and didn't really think about it.  Alas I do have photos of our new place after unpacking and getting things situated one month later. 

Living room:

  • Curtains
  • Larger lamp for the side table
  • Perfect my Expedit (bookshelf) decorating
  • More throw pillows
  • Wall art
Dining area:

  • New table?  Though we've sat at this table for 3 years and have grown quite fond of the Japanese style dining.  We'll see.
  • Artwork

  •  Add something above the cabinets? 
  • Love the kitchen. (not a goal, just a statement)

Tiny desk area (in hallway):

  • Organize cabinets above
  • Repaint the chalkboard
  • Bigger lamp?
  • Desk chair


  • Add a few photos to the top of our dresser
  • Curtains
  • Something simple above the bed (still searching for ideas)
  • Necklace organizer
Creative room/Guest room:
  • ORGANIZE (yikes)
  • Wall art & inspiration photos
  • Print and hang large b/w photos
  • Area rug

  • NONE!  First room completely finished. 
Well there you have it.  A virtual tour of our little Colorado apartment. 


  1. you've gotten so much done! digging the japanese style dining, my husband would never go for that. :|

    where did you get the bike art above your sink?! LOVE

  2. I love it! I can't believe its been a whole MONTH since you moved!!! And I really like the dining table, the low table is kind of your signature or something :) Your place is very you, and I'm so happy your enjoying your new city!

  3. looooove. we've lived here for more than 2 years, and our place isn't as put together as that. ha!

  4. I'm still so in love with that bookshelf... and in the kitchen, we used fake green plants. creates a nice ambiance, & you just have to dust them every now & again. :)

  5. love it. it looks so comfortable and relaxing! if I was in denver, I would invite myself over :)

  6. Oh my gosh - everything looks so great! I'm not even sure if our house looks that organized yet - haha! :)