our (labor free) weekend

We spent the long weekend in Taos, NM soaking up the sun, biking around town, eating so much food (preferably smothered in green chili), sitting in the hot springs, exploring the Rio Grande Gorge, and visiting the oldest pueblo community

The boys went mountain biking one day, while I hiked the same trail with the pups.  A storm rolled in quickly, so fast that I turned myself around and started running back to the car.  I was a little scared, and so glad I decided to turn around.  The boys came riding down the mountain just as I made it to the car and the HAIL came pouring down.  Whew! 

Taos was a fun little Labor Day getaway.


  1. These pix are awesome! (the first is by far my fav tho...) lol..

    ..Man, the hubby & I need to get out more...

    (ps - are we not doing the photoswap anymore?!) :(

  2. Jaimie - the photoswap is not dead! I think I will start it back up in November (it's been so crazy with the move/job searching)

  3. oh okay! sounds good.. I was worried i missed something...again! ;)

  4. I totally missed this post! You were trotting next to the Earthship neighborhood. Those guys have mastered off the grid living. I love New Mexico!

  5. Crystle - We almost went to Earthship! But decided to check out the oldest pueblo community instead. Next time, it looks super interesting.