Photo Swap: It's back!

Let's SWAP!

I've missed the swap so much and I'm really looking forward to participating myself and compiling all your photos each week.  For those who are new and love to take photos, you should play along!  Here's what we're talking about...

How it started:  I knew I wanted to do a photo-related project once I received my first DSLR camera for my 26th birthday.  And once challenged by my California-dwelling friend, Adam (the second half of The Life in our Years & who took some amazing wedding photos for us) to a creative photo collaboration;  I said let's do it!  We wanted to share our admiration of the places we both live and how different, and sometimes very similar, they may be. 

When it evolved:  Adam and I invited others to join after the second week.  Everything is more fun with friends, right?

A theme?:  YES!  A few people expressed to me how hard it was to take a photo of "anything" and needed a specific direction.  So, I throw out a new theme every week and ask for everyone to make it their own.  It's fun to see the different points of view. 

How you can join:  Anyone can join us for the photo swap, just dust off your camera, make the weekly theme your own, and e-mail your photo to me on Sunday with your name and how I can link the photo to your website (if you have a site, if not, that's absolutely okay). 

The purpose:  Ultimately, I hope the photo swap can be a creative outlet and a place where photo enthusiasts can share their love!

**Next week's theme:  something that makes you happy
E-mail your themed photo to:  kendra.e.grimm(at)gmail(dot)com

Take a peak at the past year's swaps and I'll look forward to your photos in my mailbox on Sunday!


  1. I was wondering if you were going to bring this back or not :) I'm going to try reallllly hard to remember to take a photo for this, so I can finally participate!

  2. Yeah! So glad this is back, it's such a fun weekly project on your blog. Excited that Miss Millie the dog made the line up!

    Liking your new header!

  3. hey, thanks melissa! the blog is ever-changing.

  4. can i submit a picture of this post (because the return of photo swap makes me happy)? :)

  5. aaaahhhh!!! I have been keeping up sparingly on bloggs, but somehow I MISSED THIS!! DAMNIT! grrrrr....