On the bookshelf: summer reading

The Host - At first, this book was a struggle.  I didn't understand where the plot was going or connect with the characters at all.  The urge to quit halfway through was strong, but it's a pretty hefty sized book, and I hated to read all about this building plot for nothing.  So, I kept on and actually really enjoyed it!  Finally about 2/3 in, things made sense and the story "got good".  I would recommend this book if you are up for a little snooze fest at the beginning and an exciting roller coaster at the end.  Personal preference here, of course, I had 2 friends hate it and 1 friend love it.  Anyone else read it??

Sloppy Firsts - A recommendation from my friend Val ...and who doesn't love a good young adult selection?!  Let's be real.  Loved the book -- I can't wait to finish out the series (there are 5) and cross off one more item from my summer list of must do's. I'm running out of time with fall right around the corner.

Sarah's Key - A compelling story about the connection between a young Jewish girl during the time of the Holocaust and a middle-aged journalist living in Paris during present day.  The story jumps back and forth between each woman's story and in the end you see their worlds collide in their own time.  Grab a tissue box and block off a good amount of time because you are going to want to read this straight through!  I lost many night's sleep staying up reading.  I'm pretty sure they are making this book into a movie too.

L.A. Candy - Oh, Lauren Conrad. I've followed her life since Laguna Beach days and still really like this girl.  The book is about a reality show called L.A. Candy, which sounded pretty familiar to The Hills.  I'm sending it along to my book club girls and looking forward to her next one!

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  1. I STILL neeeeed to read LA Candy!

    Man, I'm literally obsessed with yours and Val's book reviews.

  2. I have read The Host, and I loved it! I agree though that it was a little hard to follow at first, but I loved it once I got about halfway through. I haven't read the others, but after reading you reviews I think I will have to pick them up!

  3. love to hear about books - i'm adding sloppy firsts and sarah's key to my goodreads.com list! :)

  4. the Sarah's Key movie is out now...saw it on a marquee at a theatre downton!

  5. I agree! The Host confused me so much at first but then it all came together! Sarah's Key looks good, i may look into purchasing that! xo


  6. I LOVED THE HOST!! Absolutely loved it. It was definitely slow at the beginning, but I feel like it was pretty essential to the story. I hope she writes more of those, honestly!! :)