Grow, Veggies, Grow!

The lovely family who we are renting their house for the next year allowed us to plant a few veggies in their garden before we moved in.  They (we?) have an automatic sprinkler system, so Ryan went over, planted, and then we didn't see our little plants again for 2 months. 

...until now!

They are growing so strong.  The cherry tomatoes (hiding just behind these big guys) are probably my favorite veggie ever: they are so cute and little, but also taste amazing.  I barely get the container back into the house before I've eaten them all.

And check out that ginormous pepper!  And out-of-control Basil plant!

We've toted this strawberry plant all over the place this year, but clearly some creature at the new house said "get outta here" (in its Italian accent) because that plant is totally demolished.  Or eaten.  Or something. 

Hooray for home grown veggies.


  1. Yay! Marshall is dying to get veggies growing, we have baby plants, but they don't always make it across the country! nice work!

  2. YUM! Tomatoes from the garden are my favorite. I must try Basil in the garden next year... it does NOT like being in my house. I've killed two plants already! :(