Wishing for Rain


A typical rainy day gives me a great excuse to drink a cup of hot tea, listen to chill music, slow down and reflect.

So far, all this sunshine we are blessed with here in Colorado makes it quite hard for one to sit inside and do just that.  I'm finding it near impossible to slow down here. 

I never would have thought that one of the things I miss most about Oklahoma is a good rain storm.  We are departing from the "rainy season" here and I find myself wishing, hoping, for just a few drops to fall from the sky.  


  1. Oh I hear you! I lived in San Diego for three years and I really missed rain storms. I've also heard that Denver gets more days of sunshine than even San Diego...which is saying a lot.

    There's something so comforting about a good rain day. Thunder and lightning makes them even better, in my opinion.

    1. yes, 'comforting', that's just it. and i couldn't agree more, the lightening and thunder make for such a good show. we would always be on the porch watching the storm roll in.. like a bunch of crazies.

  2. Don't worry, Oklahoma hasn't had many storms this summer. I miss them too!!

  3. I live in Los Angeles, so I think I've experienced maybe 15 rain storms in my entire life haha. But I totally feel you! I know I should be thankful for sunny skies, but in the middle months of summer I start to really crave a rainy day!

  4. I completely understand - I've been feeling the exact same way!! It has been so unbelievably dry, and I am missing those big 3-day Ohio downpours... my garden would be very happy, and I certainly wouldn't mind spending a day under a blanket watching old movies without guilt. Ha!