I've Moved and This is All I have to Show For...

4 little photos.
  • The amount of natural light in the new house is glorious.  I've opened every window each morning, just to take it in.  Our old apartment had 6 windows.. the new house has 13.
  • We rented a Uhaul.  First time ever too.  And Ryan wore his cowboy hat all day while we hauled boxes from point A to B. After 4 hours of moving, he still had a smile on his face.
  • I took off work yesterday to finish unpacking.  My goal: the bedroom closet and Zia was such a good helper.  Contrary to her apathetic demeanor, we finished.
  • My favorite nook so far: Zissou and a leafy house plant.

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  1. Enjoy turning your new place into a home. I'm a sucker for natural light too :)

  2. glad you're settled in! your favorite nook is also my favorite nook, love that zissou print.