Lakeside Times

Two whole years ago, Ryan and I made a trip to Denver to visit friends and go to a concert.  And while we were in town, we met a bunch of new faces (including Beth!) at Lakeside Amusement Park, an older amusement park packed full of charm. 

So I was a little nostalgic this past Saturday, when that same group of people got together again, but this time I actually know them!  And I also knew what I was getting into with the Wild Chipmunk, picture no seat belt, switchbacks, and thoughts of possibly falling off the track. 

We rode just about every ride in the park.  Always a good time at Lakeside!


  1. Looks like you had a great time at Lakeside, just driving by you can feel the charm. :)

  2. I'm real jealous of your colorado living posts! Looks like fun!!

  3. Totally nostalgic for me too!! :D So glad we met - and at such a fun place too. Next time, no spider ride for me though... *hurk! Haha!