Crafting at work is fun!

A co-worker and I were all about the handmade gifts for Christmas last year.  Once we realized the mutual love of crafting and sewing, we found a project online we both liked and set aside time at lunch for a week to get crafty.

We really wanted to recreate the Bina Brianca Wrap, it's worn a thousand different ways and seemed pretty simple to make. 

After a bit of Pinterest research, we found a couple DIY tutorials and set out to Joann's for fabric to start our project. 

We worked for 3 days, ironing, pinning, sewing, wrapping...

And no matter how we attempted to wrap up in our new creation, it just wasn't working out.  It was too short here, or not long enough there.  Honestly we had no idea where we went wrong.  We laughed, a lot, and finally finished up the project saying sometimes-DIY-isn't-as-easy-as-it-looks!  Or a close runner-up, make-easier-to-understand-tutorials-Pinterest-lovers! 

Mostly this post goes to show that sometimes projects don't turn out the way you hoped for, but the preparation, especially done with friends, is a fun time no matter what.