Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, CO

Between the 2 ski days we had this weekend, our friends wanted to take a day off and explore Colorado.  I just love being a tourist, so of course I was on board and suggested Celestial Seasonings in Boulder as our first stop on Saturday morning for a little tea time. 

Before the factory tour, guests were given the cutest little white cups to sample all kinds of hot tea.  I particularly enjoyed the pumpkin spice.    

We sipped and chatted before we had to join about 30 others in a movie room to start the tour.  The story behind the tea company is really interesting; it's always a treat when someone's passions become their success. 

After the film, we were given these stylish, baby blue hairnets to wear for our factory tour. 

And sadly, no more photos allowed on the tour.

We had a fun morning sipping on tea and chatting; right after we jetted to Mountain Sun Pub for some grub and brews. 


  1. I didn't even know that was in Boulder... I will have to try to go someday... it looks amazing! :)

  2. I love Celestial Seasonings. The infamous peppermint room has to be my fav:)

    1. The peppermint room is INTENSE, definitely memorable part of the tour.

  3. This make me think we definitely need more tea shops where I live. We have all the Tevanas in the mall--but somehow it's just not the same.

  4. I love that tour! And the peppermint room! We used to do that tour a bunch when we were kids. And Sleepy Time will always be my favorite tea :)

  5. Oh I loved this tour too! So great! I love the pumpkin spice tea too - it's kind of my new favorite. Try it with a little bit of honey... it's amazing!