attempting to // drink less coffee and more herbal tea in the morning.  It's been a tough transition, let me tell you.

excited about // friendly faces visiting us for the whole weekend.

listening to // Tristan Prettyman.  I loved her music in college and have recently stumbled upon her again.  Even planning to go to her show at The Bluebird next month with this lady!

loving // this mauve skirt I picked up for 11 bucks, on sale of course.  It's the perfect length for work, and  stretchy and comfortable too. 

hating // that I just barely miss the warm sunshine by the time I get home from work...  "warm, warm, warm, sun is going, going, cold."

looking forward to // chopping all my hair (again) todayI just can't "grow it out", ever ever.  I wonder how many times it will take for me to realize I will forever have my hair in a ponytail if it's past my ears, haha.  I'm pretty pumped. 

reading // a Real Simple magazine I received for Christmas.  Does it take anyone else forever to read through an entire magazine?

stumbled upon // Grumpy Cat

watching // Girls on HBO.  Though it's a little "risque" for my liking, I enjoy the characters and storyline a lot.

spending time // skiiiiiiing.  I haven't taken many pictures of our adventures, but I've skied even more than last year, and getting pretty good, I mean, sort of.  It's the one thing that makes Colorado winters bearable.. and really fun.


  1. So, Hannah was telling me about this Tristan Prettyman show the other night and she told me I should check out your blog and I'm so glad! I love it! And I am a fellow Denverite/blogger, so maybe we should be friends. :)

  2. SO jealous of your skiing adventures! And Girls is a little risque for me too.. but its hilarious so I can't stop watching!

  3. For more tea, get a fancy tea pot and little cups and all sorts of fancy flavors. It seems way more elegant that way like a wine tasting or something. ;)