DIY: Faux Polaroids

Unless I see an idea on Pinterest, I typically start crafting without an end result in mind.  I'll start doodling on a page, see what starts to form, and run with it.

A similar situation happened yesterday...

First off, I'm still in love with Instagram, and I think the pocket-sized pictures are just too perfect to sit in our phones. So I used PicMonkey to create a Polaroid-like boarder on photos I've taken in the last months, and printed a few.

Once I got home, I decided I definitely wanted to hang them somewhere.  So I grabbed some twine and mini clips and got to work.

I'd say they turned out pretty cute, all strung together in their mini glory.
Now, to find a place to hang these little guys. 


  1. really cute. i love the pictures you chose!

  2. what a great idea! love how it turned out.

  3. how cute! i will have to try this soon with my instagrams! :)