Camping in Fruita, Colorado

We went camping in the desert this weekend.  What an experience!  I brought my hammock and no coat.  And quickly learned there are no "real" trees in the desert (at least, ones that are tall enough for hammock laying) and you always need a coat. The temperatures were below freezing at night.  Below freezing!  Zia and I instantly became best friends inside my sleeping bag.

Everyone went mountain biking, so I took a few long hikes, read a book and started a new one (Kindle is the best), napped, snacked, and then taught everyone a new card game when they finished up riding. You all need to buy Monopoly Deal, it's such a fun, quick game and I've been teaching it to anyone who will play with me. 

Car camping is really the best; you can cram as much stuff in your car as possible. So I brought a real pillow, chairs and a table (for cards, of course), and foooood!  We ate like kings, it was great. 

Sunday night we made our way back to Denver, completely covered in dirt and utterly exhausted.  Two great signs of a very fun weekend.


  1. Which campsite did you guys go to?

    1. We stayed (for free!) at the North Fruita BLM Campground

  2. How fun! I've actually been thinking about a camping adventure with friends, maybe I should try to organize it!

    Last summer we went to the lake in AUGUST & I was flabbergasted by the chilly evening temps. Like you, I learned that you always need a coat!

  3. Totally jealous! I can't wait until it's warm enough in the Northeast for some camping!