Rockies Game

So. Many. People.
Me - SUPER excited.  Ryan - Mildly excited.  That pretty much sums us up.
Beautiful views.  And check out the popcorn seller, he was awesome.
Ryan, and a friend sitting behind, both caught free t-shirts. You know the ones they shoot from a launcher that are always x-large?  Well, Ryan's was an XL and our friends was a S.

 My first Colorado Rockies baseball game was a total blast:  I ate bad (good) food, bought a Rockies T, sang "take me out to the ball game", cheered and booed, and had an all around fabulous night. 


  1. i rank baseball games on the top of my favorite things to do list. they are so awesome - between cheering for your favorite team, eating super delicious, ridiculously priced food & people watching. what gets better than that!?

    glad you had a fantastic time!
    but i must go Go Rangers!!

  2. a) live baseball games are so much fun! for the past three summers i've mentioned going to a couple live games in the bricktown (you know, are little baby baseball team in OKC! ;) But for some reason, we've never made it up there. hopefully this summer!

    b) GREAT job on the blog's new look! I like it a lot! Very clean, fresh, and cheery colors. I'm actually craving a new look on my blog too...I've been thinking and looking for inspiration. The actual task of a blog makeover, however, becomes a bit time consuming for me! Trying to get things to look just right and get the size of the columns down just so - Agghhhh! Last time I swear I almost pulled all my hair out! ;)

  3. You guys are so cute! I can't wait for my husband to take me out to a Mariners game, although deep down I'm a dodgers fan. It's the SoCal girl in me.

    Did I mention I love the new look around here?? SO adorable!

  4. Oh my gosh - you guys crack me up. :D Love it!

  5. Yayyy baseball season!! I"m jealous. Can't wait to go to one!

    (And your & and Ryan's picture is totally adorable!)

  6. Awe that is so awesome... Yay date nights!! :)