Welcome to our home, little turntable.

When we lived in Oklahoma City, we spent a lot of time at the Pyle house; growing, crafting, or wedding planning (Joey did officiate for us after all).  It was our meeting ground, always comfortable in that lived in kind of way and always filled with music.  The sound of a record player doesn't take me back to my childhood, it takes me back to that house with our great friends where we talked about life and God and the future.

Ah, we miss them so.

I hope to fill our apartment with some great tunes just the same; there's something about a record player that makes me happy, really really happy.


  1. What kind of speakers do you guys have? I have a record player but no speakers. It's sad:(

    1. We use a set of speakers Ryan had in college (2 speakers and 1 sub woofer?). The turntable has this little cord that hooks up right into the speakers, it's so handy.

  2. Ahh! Turntables are so fun! My brother has one and I realllly want one!

  3. oh my gawd, I had one of those in jr. high... its been years... man oh man <3