Down & Derby

Last week my friend Beth asked if I wanted to go to a roller disco with her and a few friends on Friday night.  Obviously, I said YES!  How could I miss such an event?

Beth is a derby girl and had the appropriate shorts and tall striped socks for all of us to wear.  Though, Katy showed up with a full on 70s jumpsuit and afro.  Ah-mazing.  And her hubby had a button-up and bell bottoms.  The attire among the crowd followed suit -- either shorts and tall socks or 70s outfits.

I remembered quickly how long it had been since I put roller skates on my feet: TWENTY YEARS.  That's right, I was about 7 when I last roller skated and then Santa brought me roller blades and it was all about inline skates from there. 

It was a little (a lot) tricky at first.

But by the end of the night, I was dance-skating like the rest of them!

For fun, I took a little video while skating... I was living in the danger zone for about 30 seconds (though I never fell!). 

I mean, check out those outfits. 

The video looks like we're all crawling along, but everyone was skating pretty fast.. while dancing.  Impressive.  And the soul train music was bopping all night long.  

Such a fun filled night with this lady!  


  1. Okay seriously?! The things u guys go do! I love it! .. Prob some of the coolest peeps I kno... ;)

  2. HAHA! I love it!! I can't believe you took a video while skating - that's so awesome. :D SUCH a fun night!! I'm so glad you came out, you're totally a natural. Next stop, Derby! ;)