Once upon a time

... there was a race for Story Book characters from all over the land.

And two who showed up for the affair in princess nightgowns because they had no idea the costume potential among these characters.  They decided quickly that they should come better prepared next year for the looks they received were ghastly.

But the girls didn't mind because they matched and had on fun socks and thought their costumes were awesome.

They made friends with 3 little pigs and decided to take on the scavenger hunt together, a super group of 5.  They ran and ran and ran! 

And enjoyed games and riddles that led them to clues all over town.

The scenery was beautiful too! What a fun way to explore Denver.

Three hours and 8 tasks later, it was time to say goodbye to their new friends.  Everyone had the best time and are already planning a reunion.

Until next year...


  1. I saw people running around on Saturday, but I thought it was just something for 420:) Looks like a ton of fun! Can I join next year?