Olde Town Arvada

Our pup loooooooves to wake up early and we think it's just the cutest thing.  No, that's a gigantic lie.  It's quite annoying, but she gets us out of bed and doesn't let us waste any daylight during the weekends which we can't help but be thankful for.

Saturday, at 8am, we set out to a local coffee shop & bakery in Olde Town Arvada.  It's a charming little area, filled with people who hold open doors and wave hello. 

Afterward we walked down each street and took in the sights of Olde Town.  Unfortunately the waving people were absent... it was 8am after all. 


  1. Winston is the exact same way. Those dang pups.

  2. Dogs will be dogs. Which is why I'm trying to convince my better half that we need another one. Wish me luck!

    1. Zia loves Olde Town Arvada. It's our favorite place. Did she tell you that it makes her think about me and our long walks there? If she didn't I'm sure she meant to, so tell her I miss her too!

    2. Will do, Mom :)

      GOOD LUCK Crystle! Dogs are definitely work, but so very rewarding!

  3. What a totally cute area! I didn't even know it existed... shame on me. ;) What a cute place to wander around!

  4. Everytime we visit denver we make a trip to Olde Town- La Dolce Vita is an awesome coffee shop over there, plus they have a great candy shop there too (forgot the name). Enjoyed seeing your pics :)