attempting to // start running again with Zia.  She's thrilled

excited about // roller-disco tonight!  Photos to come of course. 

listening to // Of Monsters And Men a lot.

loving // new turban headbands from Dottie Adele.  Super cute, ya'll.

hating // that there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  So lately I've been staying up way too late and going to work so very tired.  I've longed a bit for my college self again!  We were invincible back then. 

looking forward to // Bon Iver at Red Rocks this summer (pre-sale tickets purchased!)

reading // Little bee by Chris Cleave.  So far, so very good.

stumbled upon // double dutch dog.

watching // Downton Abbey - Season Two.  Things are getting wild

spending time // outdoors, laying on the grass, just soaking it all in. Mmm...


  1. I love this! Thanks for linking us up with so many cool, relaxing, pretty, and fun things to do and think about!

  2. Roller disco?! Amazing. Of Monsters & Men, been on repeat around these parts! Have fun tonight!!

  3. I'm going to Bon Iver too!!! I'm so excited!

  4. Of Monsters & Men has been on my playlist for the last month or so. LOVE. :) Also, very jealous about bon iver! Little Bee was good- totally not what I was expecting. Will be interested to see what you think when you finish!

  5. And I am loving Of Monsters and Men (hence my most recent blog post). We are kinda the same person and need to hang out soon!

  6. Roller disco? Awesomeness... And I've just recently discovered Bon Iver... Lovelovelove